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lirenyi said: Don’t know if you’ve seen this? modthesims.info/downloa…

i hadn’t! thank you so much!

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i made a sim version of my dalish warden a few weeks ago and i still really like her. i couldn’t find anything i liked for her vallaslin though :(

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day 21: cooking

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there are always 3 types of sims gamers:

  • benevolent god:okay i'm gonna set everything up really nice and make sure everyone is comfortable and then i'll zoom right in and watch carefully oops is your hunger bar getting low don't worry shh i have that taken care of i have a cheat shhh it's okay keep painting that weird purple thing i love you
  • distant god:i'll set your life in motion but then i'm gonna pull back and let you do your thing maybe i'll wander the town a bit i'm sure you'll be fine

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Curious House, mid-century modern.
Purchased by: Glarn & Kitty Curious after the birth of Jenny & Pascal.

Vidcund’s plants have taken over. When Jenny comes to visit she often teases about where they do their laundry, since Vidcund’s blocked off the washer & dryer with his plants. He’s mentioned that his brothers need some plants in the rest of the house or in their bedrooms and they both responded with an emphatic no!

Shown above:
front elevation, front room for entertaining & radio listening, kitchen
Vidcund’s sun porch, bedroom, and rooftop garden.

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PS: Hey look, I think I used those weird half walls with the brick things and it looks halfway decent! yay!

This is incredible!

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have you ever had a sim grow up and just been like. holy moly where the heck did your cute face come from.

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Does anyone know how successful merging sims 3 .package files is at reducing lag? My game is nigh-unplayable on large worlds, possibly because of the amount of cc I have, so I’m merging a bunch right now. I would like to know if it’s worked for anyone, though?

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del’s sims round one, aka “how do i edit pictures” aka “do i need to fix my aspect ratio i honestly can’t tell”! logan put up her incredibly adorable sims for me to see so i picked a few of my favorites to show off!

hara - a prima donna with a natural flare for painting. she’s grateful for the few friends that can put up with her and often paints requests from them.

orsi - they’re reserved but generally laid-back. they have the expression pictured when hara is being particularly dramatic.

rene - your typical shy, helpful dork. he enjoys casual cycling and apologizing frequently to his friends.

carrie - she’s a soccer player that likes teasing her buddies. she mimics rene a lot to fluster him.

trinidad - an aspiring rapper and producer. they make ridiculous expressions to make carrie laugh.

you know that guy in high school that always thought he was better than everybody else? this smug asshole is that guy. he’s so completely that guy that i can’t even remember what name i gave him in-game.

CARRIE IS SOOOO CUTE HOLY MOLY also im laughing. that guy in high school who thought he was better than everyone else. i feel u.

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More Fawn. :3

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a rundown of my current legacy household for my buddy eaxis!! in order from oldest to youngest

bryony: gen 3 heir and vampire, she’s actually my gen 4 heir’s aunt

cael: current servo in the household, is obsessed with karaoke

cyan: gen 4 heir, likes extended political arguments and pretending to be a pirate in the bathtub, is currently mayor

don: gen 4 spouse, can usually be found in the kitchen, drinking and slouching

casey: cyan’s MUCH younger sister who was a surprise baby born a few days before their (deceased) mother transitioned to elder. she’ll be sticking around to go to college with gen 5.

demosthenes: gen 5 firstborn, pretty much a clone of her dad, enjoys burping into the podium

dimas & dinh: the current youngest of gen 5, i don’t actually know which is which